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Elevation Ability Services

Elevation Ability Services (EAS) is a business that encompasses an Early Intervention clinic, a facility school/day treatment program and behavioral consultive services. EAS was founded in 2015 and is located on the southeast side of the Denver metro area.

why choose Elevation?

EAS offers a variety of comprehensive programs to meet children’s individual needs. Within all of Elevation’s programs is a fundamental belief system that all children can learn and deserve the most compassionate and ethical care. At EAS we specialize in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA can broadly be described as the science of learning. Principles of ABA (like reinforcement) explain how individuals learn behaviors. Behaviors are anything a person does that is observable to another person. This can be adaptive behaviors like tying your shoes or problem behaviors like aggression. Behaviors are a form of communication, and our job is to listen and learn what those behaviors are telling us. Then by using the principles of ABA, we can teach desired adaptive skills to help learners communicate their wants and needs and meet their highest potential.

what we Offer

At EAS we highly value collaboration with families, as this collaborative relationship can yield the most positive and desired outcomes for the children we are privileged to serve.

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